It happened again. Sometimes making a decision on where to eat is the hardest of choices one has to make. Driving past Parker’s, I decided to check out the @entertainersa app (Almost always saves the day) and found that I had one more Main Course coupon left for @bigchefsksa. Parking is a little hard to find during peak hours. We headed to the single’s section upstairs and settled down to eat. We were really hungry so we ordered a few items off the menu. By we, I meant @nikhilprakash1, The “Coffee Connoisseur” in chief and @foodwithshayne.

“Spicy Cheesy Chicken Balls”

For appetizers, we ordered the “Spicy Cheesy Chicken Balls” (SR. 40) off their new ‘Club Menu’ and for the main course, @nikhilprakash1 went with the traditional “Mixed Grill Plate” (SR. 89) while I went in for the “New York Steak” (SR. 115) from their Beef specials.


The service is extraordinary and the staff is super friendly. We were treated well and the food didn’t take long. They also serve a free bread basket with olive compote while you wait for your food.

“Mixed Grill Plate”

The “New York Steak” (Medium) was delicious, but not the best cut since it was uneven in size leading some portions of the steak to be a good medium rare. Nevertheless, it was juicy and the couscous really worked well with the sauce that covered the steak. You get to choose 2 sides with the steak.

“New York Steak”

The “Mixed Grill Plate” was just as good and had meatballs, beef saslik, lamb chops, chicken cutlets, potatoes, the works. Apart from the meatballs, everything was spot on. The meatball was a bit too dry for my liking.

My Bro-in-law, “Nikhil”

Thank you @entertainersa once again for saving the day and @bigchefsksa for an amazing evening. Follow @foodwithshayne for the best of food from the Eastern Province & the World.

Location: BigChefs, Khobar

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