Eating Healthy at “Melenzane KSA” – Al Khobar

My last visit to Melenzane (@melenzaneksa) was almost a year and a half ago and I had left satisfied. This time was no different and my review clearly explains the items I chose for Lunch.

The menu has changed since the last visit to include a few new items to please the health conscious foodie.

Make sure you get these for FREE. 

As soon as you are seated, you are served with a garlic bread basket served with a refreshing sun-dried tomato dip that I gulped in a matter of minutes. For the main course, I decided to try something healthy for a change, going for the “Chicken Avo Rice” (SR. 60) and the “Sauteed Vegetables” (SR. 27).

“Mora Fizz”

For drinks, I ordered the “Mora Fizz” (SR. 22) and this was well worth the order. You had crushed blackberries served with crushed ice and topped with Sprite making for a refreshing drink.

“Chicken Avo Rice”

My waiter for the day was ‘Prakash’ and it was thanks to his recommendations that I decided to try out the healthy menu. I will say this though, the quantity served was disappointing. The “Chicken Avo Rice” was lip-smacking and light on the stomach with the chicken devoid of any oil and dressed with Sumac to really enhance the flavour. The avocado topping really complimented the chicken and the rice but the serving could have done with a bit more avocado.

“Sauteed Vegetables”

The “Sauteed Vegetables” was my personal favourite with the charred veggies dressed in a light sauce and giving the rice a much needed edge. The charred flavour was absolutely wonderful and this I would definitely order again. The only drawback in the quantity served.

This place has a wonderful ambience and there is a sign explaining where they source their meat and seafood products from.


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