‘Eid Al Adha’ Dinner Party at Fahad’s Residence

Another year, another Eid dinner at Fahad & Afshan’s place but this year was different from the others. This time I had my wife Sareeka joining me from Kerala on her first trip to Saudi. I always look forward to these yearly dinner parties since this is when I get to taste the best of Delhi food.


I have always been fascinated with Mughlai cuisines and the origins of food during that period. Nihari is enjoyed by people all over India and Pakistan and Afshan is an expert when it comes to this wonderful dish. The meat was tender to the touch and full in flavour thanks to the spices and the long hours it takes to cook this dish, the fat from the meat merges with the gravy beautifully.


Another highlight and what really bowled me over was the ‘Chicken Kebab’. Chicken that melted in the mouth packed with delicious spices and fried till golden brown, this went well with Roti and the chicken biriyani.


For an experience close to what I enjoyed last night, you can visit ‘Nehari House’ in Khobar for some heartwarming ‘Special Nehari’.

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