‘With my Mate’ Combo Meal at ‘Butcher Shop & Grill’ – Al Khobar

It has been a while (3 years) since I last visited @butchershopar and honestly i’m ashamed of myself. The food has always been great and my love affairs with the ‘Butcher Shop & Grill’ goes way back to 2009 when I first visited them at their outlet in Bahrain City Center. Since then, I have enjoyed their steaks and the occasional Biltong. They finally entered the Saudi market in 2016 and since then has seen packed crowds almost every weekend.

‘With my Mate’ combo meal

I don’t think I have ever taken my wife Sareeka to a steakhouse before so this was the perfect place to kick it off. The menu has changed with a lot more Wagyu (Australian & Japanese) beef on offer and also the legendary ‘Tomahawk’ which I’ve been told weighs to about a kilo and can cost over SR. 250.

‘Beef Ribs’ – My favourite part of the combo.

I wanted a bit of everything, so we decided to go for one of the combo meals. ‘With my Mate’ (SR. 239) is good enough to share for 2 people and I can honestly say this was a power packed meal. The platter comes with Sirloin (250g), Lamb Chops (150g), Beef Ribs (250g), Chicken Breast (300g), Boerewors (150g), Tiger Prawns (200g), Onion Rings and 2 tiny cups of sauces to go with it.

Juicy Tender Sirloin
Juicy, Tender ‘Sirloin’

‘Angelo’ was our waiter for the day and he made it easier for us to decide on what to eat. He also told us that all the desserts are made in house which wasn’t the case previously and we went ahead and asked for the ‘Strawberry Cheesecake’ (SR. 38).

‘Grilled Chicken’

The meat came all decked up on a wooden board and by god what a sight it was. The Beef Ribs were an absolute sight and it broke apart at the slightest of touches. I had requested the ribs and meat without the BBQ sauce since it changes the flavour of the meat. The Sirloin came in 2 strips, grilled with salt and pepper and absolutely divine. The meat had a lot of flavour and salt and pepper really helped elevate it. The Chicken Breasts were slightly salty but the meat inside was cooked to perfection and hadn’t dried out like I thought it would.

Another View of the ‘Beef Ribs’

The Boerewors sausages had a stuffing that I couldn’t quite identify (herbs?) and weren’t something that I enjoyed as much as the others. The Tiger Prawns were a little dry having been grilled, but it had absorbed the spices well making this the smallest but tasty snack. The ‘Lamb Chops’ were tender and cooked medium well leaving it moist and fulfilling. The Onion rings were a little greasy and my only complaint about this combo meal would be about the sauces served. For a platter of this size, it would be great if they served a bigger helping of sauces to go with all that food.

‘Strawberry Cheesecake’ – Made In-House.

We enjoyed our experience at the ‘Butcher Shop & Grill’ and we would like to thank ‘Angelo’ for a memorable experience. If you are looking to try some ‘Wagyu’, then this is the place to visit.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/TrGZMsTP3gxuFnMi8

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