‘Chandus Catering’ for Events – Kozhikode, Kerala

The wedding had come to a close and we were invited to lunch the next day at Radhika’s place. This is the time when the groom’s family with the bride in tow visits her family for a small get together and lunch. This is also the time to enjoy some good food arranged by the bride’s family and we made sure no time was wasted as we sat down to eat.

‘Gobi Manchurian’

‘Chandus Catering’ is a catering company based in Karuvissery in Kozhikode and the company the bride’s folks had chosen. Catering in Calicut is competitive, thanks to big name restaurants that serve some exceptional food. Chandu’s Catering met our expectations and more with the food chosen for the ‘Salkaram’.

Menu for the day included ‘Wheat Porotta’, ‘Kallapam’, ‘Chicken Biriyani’, ‘Chicken fry’, ‘Fish Moly’ and a few vegetarian options.

The highlight of the Salkaram, ‘Fish Moly’

The absolute winner for the day was the ‘Fish Moly’. Never have I tasted gravy that tasted this good and the fish really soaked it up. It would have been even better if they had fried the fish a bit longer. Nevertheless, it was a deal breaker with the Kallapam and quite a sight watching everyone else lose all sense of reality once they got a taste of it.

The ‘Chicken Biriyani’ was also quite good and the ‘Chicken Fry’ really complimented the biriyani well. I stole a few pieces of ‘Gobi Manchurian’ reserved for the vegetarians and that too was spot on in terms of taste.

‘Chicken Fry’

The ‘Porotta’ was a little too dry for my liking but the gravy from the curry helped ease it down.

‘Carrot Halwa” ready for some Icecream

The Carrot Halwa and Icecream combination for dessert worked well with the carrot halwa mushy enough to really mix well with the icrecream. I should definitely be giving this combination a try in the future.


Overall that was a wonderful lunch and we shamelessly packed some of the food to take home for later.

If you live in Kozhikode and you would like ‘Chandus Catering’ to cater for your event, I am attaching their location below.

You can also find them on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/chanduscatering.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/TR1s8wbxArRDfwcw7

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