Everything DICE at “Dice KSA”, Khobar

I have had a ton of request to review @dice.ksa ever since it opened up and thanks to Saudi National Day, I finally found time to dine here. This Saudi based restaurant is located right next to ‘Dose Cafe’ in Al Khobar and a few minutes drive from Rakah. It was just after lunch time and a bit quiet but this was exactly what I was looking for.

The staff here are very friendly and the restaurant is tastefully designed. 

I ordered the ‘Dice Spicy Chicken’ slider (SR. 36) and the ‘Dice Fries’ (SR. 19) deciding to go ‘ALL DICE’. 

What really stood out was the fact that the sliders were served on toasted break and not the usual burger buns. The chicken was tender and crispy at the same time and you could see just a tad bit of chilli in the meat but without any real heat. The sauce really complimented the chicken and the bread but in my opinion it was a bit too much considering the bread was all soggy in a matter of minutes. The lettuce was diced a bit too much and not offering any real flavour to the slider. Great sandwich overall and they should consider toning down the sauces and add bigger bits of lettuce.

My favourite had to be the ‘Dice Fries’. The fries were just right and topped with Dice & Ranch sauces and a good helping of crispy onion bits. God knows how much I love Onions and the crunchy bits blended with the sauces and fries for a mouthwatering treat. These are a little heavy on the calories though so it would be a good idea to share with a friend.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/zMBiToQkPXBmTzBe9

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