‘Lassi & Juice’ – Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

It’s not everyday you come across a Lassi joint in Khobar that also happens to serve Chana & Paratha. That is exactly what @lassiandjuice have got going on and I was invited to give their menu a try. Located close to the Pakistan International School in Khobar, it might be a bit of a challenge to find a parking spot here.


This tiny hole in the wall cafe has seating for about 2-3 groups of people and surprisingly they have quite a lot of things to offer. For breakfast, they serve their flagship ‘Bhur Paratha with Chana, Halwa and Pickle (1 set) for SR. 3. Yes you heard that right, SR.3! They also have ‘Aloo Paratha’ (SR.4), ‘Mooli Paratha’ (SR.4) that you can get along with a side of ‘Chana’ . For snacks, they have ‘Aloo Samosa & Pakoda’ (SR. 1 each) and to indulge your sweet tooth, they serve ‘Sooji Halwa’ (SR. 4) and ‘Kheer’ (SR. 5). I loved the ‘Paratha’ set and the combination of ‘Chana, Pickle and Halwa’ is a fantastic sweet & savoury combination. Most of you might not have tried this combination and there should be no reason why you shouldn’t.


It doesn’t end there. They have ‘Paratha Rolls’ that you can get with Eggs, Cheese, Shakshouka, Chicken, Beef, Tuna & Liver with prices ranging between SR. 2 to SR. 6. I enjoyed the Chicken & Eggs rolls which I would totally recommend. It can be a little heavy but with a ‘Lassi’ on the side, this was easily washed down.


The ‘Lassi’ which this place is named after is ‘STUNNING’. I helped myself to the ‘Kesar Lassi’ (SR. 5) and there is nothing better to help beat the summer heat. Combined with the meals, this is a much needed drink. They also have ‘Strawberry & Rose’ Lassi’s which I haven’t tried yet, but would totally give it a go on my next visit.


You might think that this review ends here and it does, but there are a lot more on this menu that most could imagine being served in a tiny hole in the wall cafe. Their ‘Oreo Milkshake’ (SR. 10) really had me stuffed and unable to breath but it was so damn delicious. If you are not into the milkshakes, they also have fresh juices and for most Asians, the perfect end to a good meal, ‘Matka Chai’ (SR. 3). Yes they serve ‘Chai’ too! There is no separate seating for families here so if you don’t sitting in with a mixed crowd, then head down to @lassiandjuice.

P.S. – The Parathas are quite heavy and one should be good enough for most. I didn’t like the ‘Mooli Paratha’ (Radish) much and wouldn’t recommend that either. If you like this review, please do share!

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/HEAcALu1xAExT2LJ9


Written by Food with Shayne

I am a Food Blogger / Photographer based in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia with a passion for food. I review local eateries from all over Saudi Arabia and on occasion, I travel for food. Follow me on my food journey as I eat, take pictures and write about the best of food from around the world. Welcome to "Food with Shayne".


  1. Hi Shayne. Nice writeup. The.mooli partha the was a staple.diet for us.in Lucknow. The process is to add salt to the grated moorland after a five.minutes squeeze the juice out of the grated radish. Add chopped green chillies, ginger and fresh coriander. Fill up. rolled paratha should.be cooked both sides on a pan with.no.oil.to.seal.the flour and then shallow.fried in a.media of preference
    Serve with.a blob of butter and.goes well.with yogurt.

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