‘Waffello’ – Silk St, Kozhikode

Dedicated to Waffles and close to Kozhikode beach, @waffello_cafe is a new entrant to the ever growing food scene in Calicut. This tiny hole in the wall cafe has an extensive Waffle, Pancake and Milkshake menu but can feel a little claustrophobic due to the size of the place. We headed there late in the evening and ordered quite a few items off their menu and the wait began.

We ordered the ‘Nasty Nutella’ (₹65, 100, 169 – depending on the size), ‘Triple Choconut’ (₹110), ‘Double Chocolate’ (₹99), ‘Banoffee Butter Scotch’ (₹99), ‘Oreo Crust’ (₹65), ‘Kit Kat Crush’ (₹130) & ‘Banana Nutella’ (₹120).

‘Banoffee Butter Scotch’

Now I am not going to be giving a detailed review on each one of these items, but I will recommend my personal favourite. The waffles were slightly overcooked and had become a little hard which I found common for most of the waffles that we ordered. The best out of the lot was the ‘Banoffee Butter Scotch’.

The ‘Kit Kat Crush’ mini pancakes was quite good too. It took them a really long time to serve the drinks which they should have ideally served with all the waffles that we ordered.

‘Kit Kat Crush’

I rate this place a 3/5. They really need to work on their waffles and not overdo it. With a bit of effort, i’m pretty sure they can sort it out!

Location: https://g.page/waffello-cafe?share


Written by Food with Shayne

I am a Food Blogger / Photographer based in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia with a passion for food. I review local eateries from all over Saudi Arabia and on occasion, I travel for food. Follow me on my food journey as I eat, take pictures and write about the best of food from around the world. Welcome to "Food with Shayne".

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