Lip-Smacking ‘Local Srilankan Food’ at ‘Kandy Restaurant’, Jeddah

I have only had Srilankan food once or twice before, so I decided to head to Kandy restaurant which had a pretty good rating on @googlemaps, my guide to local restaurants whenever I travel. 

‘String Hoppers Kottu with Beef’

The place looks quite new, clean and well lit with about 6 to 7 tables to seat 4 people each. They have a very simple menu printed and mounted in the rear end of the restaurant near the kitchen. I ordered the ’String Hoppers Kottu with Beef’ and the ‘Mixed Fried Rice’. The service can be a little slow and we got our order in about 10-15 minutes.


I was startled to hear loud clanging from the Kitchen which only meant one thing, they were preparing Kottu. Srilanka is known for its Kottu where ingredients such as Porotta and meat is mixed together and hammered together to create ‘Kottu’. Kandy restaurant serves the version made with ‘String Hoppers’ and I can tell you this, it was a spiritual experience. Tender pieces of beef cooked in gravy and mashed together with the string hoppers, until light and fluffy. I absolutely recommend this dish and coupled with the dried and minced prawn fry,  I haven’t eaten something this good in a very long time. 

‘Mixed Fried Rice’

The fried rice was a mix of sausages, chicken, beef, shrimp and vegetables combined to create a very comforting meal and here too, the dried prawn fry really outdid itself, complimenting the rice to new heights. 


I was told they sell the ‘Dried & Fried Prawn’ mix and I intend to buy a few containers before I head to Dammam next week. #FoodwithShayne


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