Blacktap started off in the US around 2015 which is quite recent but has quickly taken off with stores in London, Dubai and a new store in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Known for their craft burgers and ludicrous milkshakes, the joint was a bit crowded when I stopped by for dinner.

I wasn’t up for a milkshake but I definitely was in the mood for a craft burger. Located right next to Muvi cinema in Mall of Arabia, this place felt more like a pop up shop than a typical restaurant. The staff are friendly, seating is mixed and they have an area for conjuring their ‘Crazy Milkshakes’.

The menu is extensive and it doesn’t end at Burgers and Milkshakes. They also have wings, salads, taco, snacks, mock-tails and juices. My server recommended ‘The All-American Burger’ but I decided to go with the ‘Old Fashioned’ (SR. 65). Yes, the prices are quite steep and if you plan on adding a milkshakes, you could end up spending more than a 100 SR. per person. I chose to have it grilled ‘Medium’ and asked for the sweet potato fries instead of the standard fries (no extra charges here).

It didn’t take too long for my order to arrive and first impressions, where  was my patty? The patty is smothered with Swiss cheese and horseradish sauce and topped with gorgeously caramelised onions and cremini mushrooms. The patty was juicy and the cheese, onion and mushroom topping was spot on in terms of flavour and how it complimented the patty. There was one downside however with the patty having absolutely no salt whatsoever. The cheese wasn’t salty enough either to make up for the lack of salt. 

Nevertheless, a great burger with an even better bun. The prices would be the only thing holding me back from another visit. 

P.S. Some of the ‘Craft Burgers’ go upto SR. 125.


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