Hyderabadi Food at ‘Aadaab Restaurant’ – Azizyah, Jeddah

As much as I love trying out different cuisines, I tend to miss good ol’ Indian food from time to time. ‘Aadaab Restaurant’ in the Azizyah area had a good rating on @googlemaps and I joined my colleagues for dinner. ‘Aadaab’ serves hyderabadi food and the best time to pay a visit would be before ‘Isha’ prayer.

‘Mutton Biriyani Special’ (SR. 22)

We ordered the ‘Mutton Biriyani Special’ (SR. 22), ‘Mutton Kadai’ (SR. 16) and ‘Fish Apollo’ (SR. 20) and didn’t have to wait too long for the ‘Biriyani’ to be served. We noticed straight off that the ‘Biriyani’ wasn’t hot enough and we were told this was prepared before Magrib prayer. The portion is apt for 2 persons and honestly, it was finger-licking good. The rice was fluffy, the meat tender and packed with flavour with delicious bits of Chicken 65 as garnish with the odd egg really giving it an edge.

‘Mutton Kadai’ (SR. 16)

The ‘Mutton Kadai’ had really good gravy with large chunks of seared onions but there was barely any meat on the bone. The quantity is good enough for one person and paired with the Rumali Roti, this is all you need if you are famished.

‘Fish Apollo’ (SR. 20)

I have absolutely no idea why anyone would name this fish dish ‘Apollo’, but a quick google search threw up a few recipes, with its origins in Hyderabad. Chunks of fish are deep fried and then sauteed with chilli and onions and by god it was delightful. The crispy bits had really soaked up all the flavour and I’m pretty sure I could wipe a few plates clean with some Porotta or Roti.

Overall a great experience. The service is a little slow though and I found the guy at the counter to be a little rude. They have a spacious family section if you plan on taking your family along.

Location: https://g.page/aadaab-restaurant-jeddah?share

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