‘Dim Sum Night’ at ‘Toki Restaurant’ – Jeddah

My go to person for all things related to food in Jeddah is Ahmed Darwish of @thefoodies.sa and I joined him for dinner at ‘Toki’ restaurant for their ‘Dim Sum Night’. @tokiksa is a contemporary Chinese cuisine restaurant in the Al Khalidiyah district of Jeddah and it can be a little tricky to spot this place from the main road but thanks to @googlemaps this wasn’t an issue.

‘Dim Sum Night’ takes place once a month and dates aren’t confirmed for the next event, but I’ll make sure to keep you guys posted on the dates. At SR. 180 per person, this doesn’t come cheap but the experience is worth it.

From ‘Steamed’ to ‘Fried’ selections of dumplings, we were served with some remarkable variations that I had never come across.

In the ‘Steamed’, I enjoyed the ‘Jelly Crab Dumpling’ which can look quite unsettling to some with its vivid and slimy exterior but it was delightful. The ‘Steamed Saffron Lobster’ & ‘Shui Jiao Spicy Prawn Dumpling’ were also really good with the latter packing a tiny amount of heat. The ‘Crystal Shrimp Dumpling’ was just ok and weirdly I quite enjoyed the “Spinach Dumpling’. The menu isn’t very vegan or vegetarian friendly but you can order these ‘Dim Sums’ separately if you need to.

The ‘Fried’ selection was my favourite and some of the items really stood out. The absolute best of the lot was the ‘Wagyu Puff with Black Pepper Mayo’ with the beef being the highlight. It was tender and the sauce really added that extra zing. The puff had managed to retain its crispy outer layer without the filling turning it mushy. The ‘Tiger Prawn with Spicy Mayo’ was the next best thing and I really wish they brought in a few extras. The ‘Pan Fried Chicken Bun’ was also delicious and so was the ‘Sesame Prawn Toast’ with its crispy outer exterior and delicious prawn center.

‘Frozen Macadamia Soufflé with Hot Chocolate Sauce’

Ahmed and I decided to finish off the meal by ordering a Dessert, so we went for the ‘Frozen Macadamia Soufflé with Hot Chocolate Sauce’ (SR. 50). Loved the macadamia and soufflé’s combination and it is a bit heavy. This would be a great share for 2-3 people if you aren’t looking to down a whole dessert. I will keep you guys posted on future dates once I get confirmation.

Menu: https://www.tokiksa.com/jeddah-menus/

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/zExaoQCZV4xxBtFN9

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