Local Grills at ‘Baladi Kebab’ – Jeddah

Just another joint that serves Grills, Pies & Pastries, Sandwiches and Juices and located in the Mishrifah district of Jeddah. This place came recommended by a colleague and also happens to be quite close to our main office.

We ordered the 2 plates of the ‘Mix Grill BBQ’ 1/2 Kilo (SR. 45) and a few of their juices. 

The bread was served cold and it didn’t help sitting right in front of the A/C. The grills were pleasing with the meats being quite flavourful and tender. The chicken was also quite good and the hummus was a good add on for the meats. 

The juices in my opinion were an absolute disaster. The mango was a bit sour and they had to use a ton of sugar to balance the sourness which made it quite undrinkable. They have family and single seating upstairs or you could even sit outside if the weather permits. I have been told that the pastries are quite good but I’ll leave that for another day.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/qfKaejvYK9JfuJtQ8

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