Syrian Cuisine at ‘Bawabet Dimashq’ Restaurant, Al Khobar

Though @bawabtdimashk had been operating in Khobar for quite some time, this was going to be my first visit to the restaurant. ‘Dimashq’ is the arabic name for Damascus and Syrian cuisine happens to be one my culinary favourites.

‘Hummus with Meat’ – Creamy Heaven

We ordered the ‘Hummus with Meat’ (SR. 27), ‘Kofta with Cheese’ (SR. 30), ‘Kebab with Blueberry’ (SR. 40), ‘Mixed Grill’ (SR. 30) and the ‘Akkawi Cheese Pastry’ (SR. 12).  

‘Kofta with Cheese’

There was quite a crowd considering it was a Saturday but we didn’t have to wait long for them to bring in the first dish, ‘Hummus with Meat’. Now this was unlike any other hummus I had eaten before. The texture was creamier than coarse and had more Tahina giving it the smooth consistency and by god was it delicious. Coupled with the meat and pine nuts this has topped even the Hummus I had at Zaroob only a few weeks ago. 

The ‘Kofta with Cheese’ was just about ok and I have had better ones from ‘Damascus Gardens’ which serves one of my personal favourites, ‘Kofta Tahiniya’. The meat though minced could have been a little less thicker. The cheese had good flavour though and compensated for the lack of salt. 

‘Kebab with Blueberry’ – At least that’s what I thought.

Now the ‘Kebab with Blueberry’ got me all confused. First of all, it wasn’t blueberry, but a mix of blackberry and raspberry and hints of cherry sauce. Secondly, the meat had gotten a little dry and the sauce didn’t really help in keeping the meat moist. I liked the sweet and savoury combination though but one thing Is for certain, I won’t be ordering this dish again. You could give it a try for the sake of trying something new. 

‘Akkawi Cheese Pastry’

The ‘Mixed Grill’ was good too but nothing to differentiate it from other restaurants that serve the same thing. The ‘Akkawi Cheese Pastry’ was fabulous though especially since this was my first time trying this cheese and the smokey flavour made for a great pastry. 

Would I visit again? Yes, just to stuff my face with ‘Hummus with Meat’


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