Homemade Seafood Mandi from ‘Alomda Kitchen’, Safwa

How would you like to try a one of a kind Mandi, that is made to order, home cooked by the people at @alomda.kitchen? Known for their seafood Mandi’s, this plate can serve unto 6 people and will only set you back SR. 190 depending on the size and weight of the fish. 

‘Seafood Mandi’ – They used a fish local to the coast of Oman called ‘Arusi’ and Shrimp.

@alomda.kitchen is not a restaurant but a business that operates from home and all orders have to be placed in advance. Located in Safwa and thanks to my colleagues living in the area, we placed an order for a few plates of ‘Seafood Mandi’. 


The rice was good but nothing compares to the fish and how it was prepared. This was definitely oven cooked with spices and thanks to the fatty bits of the fish, the meat stayed moist and captured a ton of flavour. The prawns were quite big, seasoned and deep fried in batter to form a coating and mixed in with the fish and rice, made for a meal that I haven’t come across in all my time here. This was a one of kind experience and I’m pretty sure dining on something like this elsewhere would have cost quite a fortune. #MandiThursdays

You’ll need to message them on Instagram for more details and the location. 

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