Getting Messy at ‘Pound of Prawns’ – Al Khobar

Everything here starts with a pound, be it Prawns, Crab, Lobster or Mussel and it is recommended you visit with a group of friends. 

It has only been a few months since this place opened up in Khobar and has been highly rated and reviewed by locals on @googlemaps. We hit the joint over the weekend and we got there just I time for lunch. The place was empty and this gave us a good opportunity to take a good look at the interiors.

‘Doritos Fried Prawns’

We had plenty of time to explore the menu and ordered quite a few items even though it was just the two of us. 

‘Crab Salad’ – Totally wouldn’t recommend this

‘Crab Salad’ (SR. 26), ‘Doritos Fried Prawns’ (SR. 39), ‘Pound of Prawns with Cajun’ (SR. 64) and a ‘Pound of Lobster’ (SR. 75) with a side of rice (SR. 7). We went with his recommendation that the quantities we ordered would just about be enough for the two of us and it was. 

The food didn’t take too long and first to be served was the ‘Doritos Fried Prawns’ (SR. 39) with a very small helping of chilli mayo sauce. You couldn’t really taste the Doritos much but delish nevertheless. Make sure to ask for some extra sauce if you ever order this starter.

Don’t worry about getting your hands dirty. 

The ‘Crab Salad’ isn’t worth the price you pay for it nor should you order it. A seafood joint such a ‘POP’ should be serving fresh crab on their salad rather than cold crab sticks. The crispy potato didn’t add to the flavour of the salad since it was quite bland. 

‘Pound of Prawns’ with Cajun Sauce

The ‘Pound of Prawns’ with Cajun was delicious and it is absolutely critical that you mix it in well to really enjoy the sauce and prawn combo. It barely had any heat but I really enjoyed getting my hands dirty over this. Make sure you use the bib or you’ll end up with prawn splatter all over your clothes.

‘Pound of Lobster’ with Garlic Butter Sauce

‘The Pound of Lobster’ with Garlic Butter was mouth watering but we made the mistake of not mixing the sauces well enough so the first few bites felt kind of bland. After giving the bag a good shake, we thoroughly enjoyed the lobster that we soaked in the garlic butter for an appetising bite. The rice makes for a great combination with the gravy from the Prawns and Lobster and it also comes with a topping of Cajun sauce.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and the tables messy. Pour the contents of the bag onto the tables and dig in. You’ll get a pair of gloves too!


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