Cheesy Goodness at ‘Carnival Burgers’ – Khobar

We were in for a real treat when we decided to dine at @carnival_sa. @foodingmyselfaround and I had visited a pop-up shop next door at ‘The Shed’ and since it was time for dinner, we walked straight into ‘Carnival Burger’.

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Everyone in queue had only burger in mind, ‘The Crunchy Head’ (SR. 35). One after the other, they ordered the same burger which left us curious, what the hell was going on. One burger wasn’t going to be enough so we also ordered the ‘The Beast’ sliders (SR. 39).

They have a wonderful seating area upstairs and in corner of the room are tables & chairs fashioned out of oil drums. It took them a while to clean the recently vacated tables (service is a little slow) and we waited for the food to arrive.

‘The Crunchy Head’ is an impressive sight and the bun looked weird, like it had been coated in bread crumbs and fried or was that a slab of cheese? Maybe a cheese stuffed bun? It comes cut in half and the cheese pull on this is Instagram worthy. IT WAS DELICIOUS.

The crunchy double cheddar cheese combined with the double angus beef patty, onions, bacon and sauces was decadent and worth every halala that we paid for it. This burger takes the cake for being both Instagram worthy and mouth-watering at the same time.

‘The Beast’ had a double angus patty, double cheddar cheese, mozarella sticks, crispy onion, Ranch and BBQ sauce that took this burger to a whole new level of intense. Both have similar ingredients but taste completely different. I loved the BBQ sauce on the patty and that paired well with the fried onions.

I would totally recommend this joint and if you haven’t tried it yet, now would be a good time.


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