Indian / Pakistani Food at ‘Golden Spoon Restaurant’ – Dammam

The last time I ate at Golden Spoon was around 2014, so there isn’t much I remember about the food. Along with @foodingmyselfaround, @theovenaffairs, @joys10dz and lil Emira we decided to sit in the singles section since there was nothing stopping us from doing so.

The menu is quite extensive and ranges from Indian, Pakistani to Indo-Chinese dishes. Do not go by the TV displaying different types of dishes since that’s only for show. They do not serve the Thalassery Biriyani as mentioned on the slideshow.

We ordered the ‘Chicken Biriyani’ (SR. 16), ‘Chicken Kolhapuri’ (SR. 24), ‘Chilli Paneer’ (SR. 22) and ‘Mix Kulcha’.

The ‘Chicken Biriyani’ wasn’t exceptional but it was still good. In my opinion, a bit of masala goes a long way and this was devoid of any but the chicken tasted good and the rice was well cooked. 

The ‘Chicken Kolhapuri’ had to be the highlight of this meal and by god that was gravy was delicious. Thick and packed with flavour this is best had with the ‘Mixed Kulcha’ that came with stuffings of potato & paneer. Make sure to soak that delicious kulcha in that thick gravy to get the best out of that curry. The curry does leave an orange stain on your hand though.

‘The Chilli Paneer’ was the other winner of the day. This no gravy, spicy Paneer cubes pan fried to create a thin crust and sauteed was great with the Kulcha and the Biriyani.

There was nothing to beat the ‘Chicken Kolhapuri’ and ‘Kulcha’ combination though and I see myself stopping by for another go very soon.


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