Crabbing at ‘Crab Avenue’ – Rakah, Al Khobar

‘Crab Avenue’ ( is yet another seafood restaurant that has followed the trend of cooking seafood in oven bags with choice of sauces and over the last few months, Khobar has seen an explosion of these restaurants.

My face when i see ‘FOOD’

I had come across this place while visiting my favourite coffee shop next door and had saved it on @googlemaps for another day.

‘Tom Yum Soup’ – Delicious but EXPENSIVE.

The staff are quite friendly and they offer quite a bit on their menu. I had my buddies @joys10dz and @theovenaffairs join me for lunch and after much deliberation, ordered our lunch.

‘The Mix Combo’ with both Crab & Shrimps

We ordered the ‘Mix Combo Meal’ (55SR) that happened to be one of their specials and covers quite a bit of the menu. You get a Mix of Crab & Shrimps (One Crab & 200g Shrimp) with your choice of sauce (We got the ‘Special Crab Avenue Sauce’), rice, and salad or soup (We went for the ‘Tom Yum Soup’). We also ordered the ‘Fish Jambs’ (SR. 128) (I have no idea what Jambs is).

The Mix Combo turned out to be a great idea since we got to try a little bit of everything off the menu without being too hard on the wallet. The crabs were delicious but the sauce barely packed any heat even though we had requested for it to be HOT. The sauce goes really well with the rice though so we pretty much sopped up the gravy.

We had also ordered an extra ‘Tom Yum Soup’ (SR. 24) and I really enjoyed the flavours and how it warmed me up instantly but for that price, they should be serving a much bigger bowl.

‘Fish Jambs’ – No idea what Jambs is!

The ‘Fish Jambs’ was delicious and yes expensive too at SR. 128. The Sea Bass had been seared well and packed in flavour, but had quite a lot of bones. The sauce gave the fish much needed tanginess and I also enjoyed the pine nuts. Make sure to mix it well with the rice and fish for a delicious spoonful.

Overall it was an enjoyable experience and it was made even more wonderful, thanks to the ‘Brownie Goodie Box’ from @theovenaffairs.

It was also great to see @lebaneseinkhobar in action. Check out his video on YouTube!


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