Hyderabadi Food at ‘Romman Restaurant’, Jeddah

I was invited by a colleague to try out ‘Romman Restaurant’ in the crowded Sharafiyah district that serves Hyderabadi cuisine. A few of my colleagues had already visited the place and recommended I give it a try.

Parking is hard to come by in the peak hours of the day so I would recommend parking under the bridge opposite the restaurant. The joint isn’t particularly suited for families so a take out should sort that out.

The restaurant only opens around noon and the crowds start pouring in soon after. They do not have a kitchen here and the food is prepared in a separate location close by to meet with municipality standards (Or so I was told). This has it’s downsides since the food will need to be reheated before it can be served.

We were served a whole array of curry’s, most of which I hadn’t tried before. 


From Chicken 65 to Mutton Kadai, Chicken Korma, Mutton Korma and something called ‘Mutton Kulfa’. I had to google to understand the ingredients and the word ‘Kulfa’ is a vegetable called purslane which is a succulent green leafy vegetable according to Wikipedia. I haven’t tasted something like it and I quite enjoyed the distinct flavour which really complimented the ‘Kaju Rice’. Yes, the cashew rice goes well with almost every curry they have here and it is no surprise they have this on the menu. 

‘Mutton Biriyani’ garnished with an egg.

We were also served ‘Mutton Biriyani’. The freshness of the meat is in the taste but it lacked some much needed masala. ‘Hyderabadi Biriyanis’ are some of the best and this was a bit too dry compared to the ones I’ve had before. 


The ‘Chicken 65’ was dry and just how I liked it packing a bit of heat and this in my opinion compliments the dry but flavourful Biriyani. Most Hyderabadi restaurants in Jeddah serve Biriyani with a bit of chicken 65 on top so it only made sense to eat this together.

If you have a sweet tooth, then the ‘Shahi Tukda’ is worth every penny.

I would recommend you try the ‘Mutton Kadai’ with the Kaju Rice.

If you’ve been here before, what was your experience like?

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/wRmdXvPgXbdgtTNv7

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