The Spicy Wing Challenge at ‘Buffalo Wild Wings’, Ajdan Walk – Khobar

Khobar was in dire need of a food destination like @ajdanwalk and ever since they opened, the crowds haven’t relented. There isn’t a time of day when this place isn’t crowded and that is thanks to the host of restaurants that opened up here.

‘Buffalo Wild Wings’ @bwwingsksa opened up here a little while ago and I was invited to join my fellow bloggers to try out their spiciest wings. @thefoodiemama.rin had planned this meet with the intention of doing a reaction video and I was game to give it a go. I mean, how spicy can chicken wings get?

The super refreshing ‘Passion Fruit Mojito’

We were in for a real treat and together with @foodingmyselfaround and @nomanaksamia we ordered 3 types of wings and a few other starters to kick off our challenge.
(Watch my video on IGTV / Youtube for the full reaction)

We ordered the ‘Chicken Wings with Hot Sauce’, ‘Chicken Wings with Mango Habanero’ and the spiciest wings of them all, ‘Chicken Wings with BLAZIN’ Sauce’. This ‘Ghost Pepper’ spiked sauce was about to make some of us cry and I definitely wasn’t one of them.

My absolute favourite ‘Mango Habanero Wings’

The ‘Hot Sauce’ wings got us going, packing some decent heat but a bit too salty for my liking. The ‘Mango Habanero’, which was sweet and spicy at the same time, turned out to be my favourite of the lot though there was barely any taste of mango. This will have me visiting them in the near future.

The BLAZIN’ sauce took some time to kick in and it left @thefoodiemama.rin and @foodingmyselfaround begging for some milk to take the heat off. It was spicy but I was quite surprised at how I managed to stay composed and even finish off the extra blazin wing. Yes I ate the spare too and @nomanaksamia too, apart from the stinging feeling in the lips laughed off the heat.

The spicy ‘Blazin Wings’

I haven’t come across anything this spicy in and around Khobar and this would be a great challenge to call your mates out on. Apart from the heat, this too is a little salty!

The ‘Grilled Buffalo Shrimp’ was just ok. The shrimps were cooked to perfection but the sauce never really helped. The tenders were quite tasty but I still prefer the ones at ‘Raising Canes’.

Watch the video to see our reactions.


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