‘Tamu’ Experimental Kitchen Extraordinaire – As Safa, Dammam

Tamu’ (@tamuksa) has been on my shortlist ever since I purchased @entertainersa for the Eastern Province 2020. I had never heard of this restaurant before nor had I seen reviews for this joint from other food bloggers in Sharqiya. It was only fair I take my wife @shareeka23 on a date night and avail the ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ from @entertainersa.

My wife ‘Sareeka’

Located right behind the Harley Davidson showroom, there was barely anyone at the restaurant when we got there. Was this the norm here or was it ‘Corona’ keeping people away?

We settled down to order after taking in the beautiful artwork adorning the walls and the gorgeous outlay of the restaurant.

The decadent ‘Spinach & Artichoke Dip’ with Nachos

From the appetisers, we asked for the ‘Spinach Artichoke’ (SR. 43) and moved on to order the ‘Balsamic Chicken’ (SR. 62) & ‘Butter Chicken Risotto’ (SR. 55) from the main course. We also ordered ‘Mojitos’ and the waiter recommended we order the dessert once we were done with the food.

The ‘Spinach and Artichoke Dip’ came hot, served on a sizzler but the heat didn’t last too long. 

‘Lemonade Mojito’

IT WAS LUXURIOUS. The spinach and artichoke was creamy and mixed with the salsa and sour cream, we loaded this yummy goodness onto the nachos and downed it in no time. I don’t think I’ve ever tried something quite like this and I’ve promised myself I’d stop by for a snack in the near future.

If you thought that was good, the ‘Balsamic Chicken’ that my wife ordered stole the show. Tender portions of grilled chicken topped on Jasmine Rice and layered with some of that gorgeous creamy balsamic sauce, the sauce really brought them all together. The rice was fragrant and had a lot of flavour on its own but combining the lot really gave the meal a lot of depth.

Indian Italian Fusion Food ‘Butter Chicken Risotto’

I couldn’t resist ordering the Indian Italian fusion dish,  the ‘Butter Chicken Risotto’. I was awarded for taking a risk for this risotto got it spot on in terms of getting the flavour of butter chicken right. It was decadent and had a lot of chicken in it. I would recommend they add a bit more rice next time but I’m not complaining. I still prefer the ‘Balsamic Chicken’ to this though and I would totally recommend you make this a part of your order.

For dessert, we ordered the ‘Hot Chocolate Cheesecake’ which was really quite good with the cheesecake turning out to be more like a mousse than a cake. The crumble really compliments the cake and once you pour in that Spanish chocolate sauce, it won’t last a minute left alone like that.

We really enjoyed the experience at @tamuksa and look forward to stopping by again real soon.

Location: https://g.page/Tamuksa?share

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