Seafood Extravaganza at ‘Ya Mal Alteeb’, Dammam

There is a new seafood place in town and this is special for the sole reason that they serve some QUALITY food. 

@joys10dz and @theovenaffairs had previously visited @yamalalteeb so we headed there for dinner joined by @foodingmyselfaround and wifey @shareeka23. The interiors here have been tastefully done and is themed to mimic everything related to the ocean. The staff are very welcoming and you are greeted by a plate of Luqaimat, dates and some gahwa. The Luqaimat, drenched in dates syrup is quite addictive.


We got straight down to business and ordered ‘Grilled Medium Shrimps’ (SR. 68), ‘Matfyat Kanad with Rice’ (SR. 55) and the ginormous ‘Hof Al Ghalya’ (SR. 120) which was a ‘Sheri’ that we had ordered and was prepared to our liking. (Extra Spicy, Well Done).

The ‘Matfyat Kanad’ and the ‘Hof Al Ghalya’ comes with your choice of rice (You have Majbos, Sayadiyah, Chilean & Popular Rice to choose from) and servings of Tahina.  

‘Medium Grilled Shrimps’

The ‘Grilled Medium Shrimps’ are mouth watering and the highlight are the spices used to grill the shrimps that adds a ton of flavour. To really get a taste, don’t be afraid to suck on the shell or chew. DO NOT SWALLOW.


The ‘Matfyat Kanad’ is deep fried before drenched in gravy and served and would be best suited with plain rice in my opinion. The fish still retained the crispness of being fried and the gravy takes this fish to a whole new level. I would recommend this dish to anyone who plans on visiting.


But the pièce de résistance of the whole seafood experience was the ‘Baked Sheri’. We requested the fish be made spicy and cooked well done and my god the seasoning was on point. The fish soaked in all those lovely spices and the firm flesh made it easy to pick up and bite into. We weren’t afraid to get our hands dirty and in no time I was left picking off whatever was left on the bone. 

The staff make the experience worthwhile and the residents of the Eastern Province have some good seafood to look forward to.



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