Most supermarkets in the kingdom have ‘Fresh Chicken Wings’ packed separately and this is quite convenient especially when you want to prepare something like ‘Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings’. 


Thanks to the curfew and most restaurants closed, I was craving some ‘Chicken Wings’.

Preparation is quite simple and it doesn’t take more than 30-40 minutes to finish. 

  1. Wash the wings thoroughly and prepare for marination. I prefer to leave the skin on so it stays extra moist.
  2. Prepare 3 tbsp each of Soy & Oyster Sauce, a tbsp of Ginger Garlic paste, 1 tbsp of Chilli powder and a tbsp of Tomato puree into a large container to marinate the wings. You can also add some pepper for some extra heat. Refrigerate for an hour to allow the wings enough time to soak up the marinade. 
  3. Heat up some oil in a wok or a pan with a lid and add the wings to cook on medium heat. Stir well for a few minutes and on a low flame, allow the wings to cook with the lid closed. 
  4. After 7-10 minutes, add a few spoonfuls of ‘Maechoy’ Sweet Thai Chilli sauce and stir well on high heat. This will reduce whatever is left and leave the wings nicely cooked and sticky sweet.
  5. You can add more pepper if you’d like more heat.
  6. Enjoy your ‘Hot & Sweet’ Chicken Wings @foodwithshayne style. 



Pictured is my own version of ‘Hot & Sweet Chicken Wings’ with my wife’s @shareeka23 ‘Homemade Pasta with White Sauce’. The pasta and sauce combination was absolutely sublime and the perfect add-on for wings. This was her first attempt and I must say she passed with flying colours. 

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