Breakfast at ‘Le Cafe – Wallfower’ – Villaggio Restaurant Village, Khobar

Covid-19 has instilled a sense of fear and ‘The Villaggio’ was practically empty with a handful of people going about their business. We decided to try out ‘Le Cafe’s Wallflower’ for breakfast since this place was one of the few that had opened up.

‘Cafe Vienna’

The ambience is welcoming and the design subtle and we quickly settled in where JJ explained to us that the menu was available on their Instagram page. We decided to order the coffee first before ordering the main course since we needed a pep up. I ordered their house favourite ‘Cafe Vienna’ (SR. 24), @foodingmyselfaround ordered the ‘Rose Cappuccino’ (SR. 24) while the missus ordered the ‘Latte’ (SR. 23).

My Wife Sareeka enjoying a cuppa.

The cinnamon infused ‘Cafe Vienna’ hit all the right notes with its subtle and comforting taste and I was grateful that the spices wasn’t overpowering. It wasn’t too sweet and if you think the price is a bit too much, the quantity you get should make up for it. I will let Syed Zafar and @shareeka23 review their own coffee.

The gorgeous ‘Rose Cappuccino’

After having enjoyed the wonderful coffee, we wanted to get some brekkie. The menu is only available in Arabic but thanks to JJ the caretaker, who took his time to explain each of the breakfast options for us.

‘French Toast and Waffles‘ part of the ‘French & American Breakfasts’

I ordered the ‘French Breakfast’ (SR. 63) while Syed and the Wifey ordered the ‘Breakfast Burrito’ (SR. 38)and ‘American Breakfast’ (SR. 65) respectively.

That delicious ‘French Omelette with Mushroom and Cheese’

The ‘French Breakfast’ comes with 3 half sliced Brioche Bread ‘French Toast’ with had been caramelised with a blow torch. This comes served with a sugar syrup and a side of cream. You will need the cream to stop the sugar from giving you a high. It was a bit too dense for my liking but tasted good.

‘Egg Burrito’

The cheese and mushroom omelette was my favourite bit of the order with the eggs cooked just right and creamy. The Orange Juice is fresh but could have had a bit more and the extra toast is really not needed here. The price is a little steep than most places that serve up the same menu but with such amazing service, ambience and coffee you wouldn’t want to miss out on this place.

Ask for JJ while you are here!


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