Homemade Desi Cuisine by ‘Aedas Kitchen’ – Riyadh

Instagram has helped a lot of people bring their expertise to the larger public and one such account that came to my attention recently was @aedaskitchen. What really caught my attention was her post on the ‘Friday Special’ – “Hyderabadi Chicken Biriyani’ that would be available for sale. I decided to place an order for 3 packets of biriyani since i’m quite a big of Biriyani.

I am going to cut straight to the point. The Biriyani was exceptional, the rice fluffy, the chicken moist and tender and what really takes this to the next level is the masala that you must make sure to mix in with every bite. Watch out for the green chillis if you don’t like the heat. And for SR. 12, this is a great bargain.

The ‘Delhi Achari Biriyani’ the weekend after, was just as good or even better. The masalas aren’t overbearing and gives the rice a lot more savour when mixed in. The chicken was cooked to the bone with the marination really speaking volumes with every bite.

We also had the good fortune of ordering more Biriyani for the 3rd week in a row, but this time settling for the ‘Mutton Biriyani’. I am obsessed with Mutton and there aren’t many places that serve a good biriyani (With the exception of ‘Shimla Hayider’ in Khobar). The meat had been tenderised well and here too the marination lends some intense flavour to the meat. The masala as always plays an important role, and when you combine the rice, meat and masalas it is worth every halala of the SR. 15 you pay for it.

Very cool ‘Customised Bags’ from Aedas Kitchen.

DM them on Instagram or you can get in touch with them via Whatsapp on 0530784188 where you can confirm the order, get directions to the pickup point and when (They do not deliver since this is a home based business).

‘Aedas Kitchen’ will be moving to Riyadh and will be announcing new start dates soon.

IG Video: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CCLYcwaJws-/?igshid=2w5nxf3r7vhf

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