The Newest Bistro in Town, “Bistro Zone” – Khobar (Pickup / Delivery only)

The Newest Bistro in Town, “Bistro Zone” – Khobar (Pickup / Delivery only)

There is a new bistro in town, but unlike the others @bistrozone operates without a dine-in restaurant. With more and more people preferring to stay indoors and order in, @bistrozone has made a calculated risk and offer ‘Order & Pickup’ and deliver through @hungerstation @carriageksa & @talabatksa. 

Bistro Zone’ got in touch with me to review their menu and I decided to order some of their best sellers. They have everything from Appetizers to Burgers and Sandwiches and ‘Family Boxes’ that offer the best of everything.

From the ‘Appetizers’ menu, I ordered their ‘Bistro Fries’ & ‘Dynamite Shrimp’ and ‘Mushroom Cheese Burger’ & ‘Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger’ from their ‘Burger’ menu. They also recommended I try the ‘Veggie & Cheese Sandwich’ from the ‘Sandwich’ menu which is a great idea if you happen to be vegetarian. 

It might look messy, but the Dynamite Shrimp is DELISH.

My wife Sareeka and I kicked off with the ‘Bistro Fries’. These cheese loaded fries are worth every penny and if you like some heat, the Jalapeños really give the fries much needed flavour and the caramelised onions give it a bit of a crunch. 

The ‘Dynamite Shrimp’ is batter fried and coated in dynamite sauce but retaining this crispness for deliveries could be an issue and I would recommend they keep the sauce aside so the shrimps stay crisp. In terms of taste, you can really taste the prawns and it is fabulous with the sauce. 

‘Mushroom Cheese Burger’

The ‘Mushroom Cheese Burger’ had to be my favourite of the lot. The beef patty is grilled and decked with cheese and their special burger sauce, but what really takes the cake is the mushroom and crispy caramelised onions that is quite savoury and hearty. I loved the crunchy onions and for SR. 35, this is an absolute bargain. 

‘Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger’

The ‘Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger’ is THE BOMB. The chicken is super crispy and it’s important to note that it’s the sauce that gives it that intense flavour. It packs a bit of heat but it was never going to affect me. My wife loved this one since she loves her chicken more than any other meat. 

That is one Sandwich – The ‘Veggie & Cheese’

The ‘Veggie and Cheese Sandwich’ is STACKED. The bread is toasted till brown and comes stuffed with Zucchini, Eggplant, Bell Peppers, Onion & Cheese and if you are a vegetarian then this is the sandwich for you. I enjoyed this sandwich for breakfast more than I did for dinner. 

P.S – Make sure you order their legendary ‘ Spicy Chicken’ & ‘Dynamite Sauce’ and keep it aside to enjoy with some plain fries.


You can call and order on 0533186852 or 0533181257 if you would like to pickup or order through the apps that I mentioned at the start of the review. 

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