Burgers at ‘Grill Shack SA’ – Dammam

We had initially planned on visiting another restaurant before we decided to try @grillshacksa instead. The only way you are getting let in here is when they open the door for you and check your temperature. They have strictly adhered to the Social Distancing guidelines and have done a good job enforcing it.

The menu is in Arabic and you will have to go by their Instagram stories to get an idea on what to order. You can also scan their QR code to access the menu but we decided to go by the pictures.

I ordered the ‘Chop House Burger’ and the ‘Dynamite Shrimp Sandwich’ while the missus ordered the ‘Southwest Slaw Burger’. We also made sure to order their ‘Chilli Cheese Fries’ to share between us. The food didn’t take long thankfully since I was absolutely starving.

‘Chop House Burger’

The ‘Chop House Burger’ was delicious with the patty slightly overdone for my liking but still packing a lot of seasoning. It is very important to have that right amount of salt to release the flavour of the meat and this was perfect. The bacon too was mouth-watering and thankfully not too chewy. My only grievance would be the size of the burger!

‘Dynamite Shrimp Sandwich’

The ‘Dynamite Shrimp Sandwich’ was quite subtle in terms of taste and the toasted bread could have done well with some butter but the shrimps had retained their savour. There could have been a bit more sauce but I’m not complaining.

‘Southwest Slaw Burger’

The ‘Southwest Slaw Burger’ was easily the winner of the day and was slightly bigger than my own burger. The deep fried chicken patty was outstanding with its crispy exterior and well-seasoned and moist on the inside. I couldn’t taste much of the slaw since it had been overpowered with the sauces and cheese but again, I’m not complaining. I’m just pissed that my wife got a bigger burger and I didn’t.

The ‘Chilli Cheese Fries’ were delish but missing the sour cream. It didn’t have much beef either but the jalapeno and cheese combination was really quite satisfactory. I would recommend they add a bit more beef and the sour cream.

P.S – The A/C was not working properly and I have seen this complaint on ‘Google Reviews’ from over a month ago.


They have a work-in-progress website that has the menu.
MENU: https://grillshacksa.com/menu

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/R619Wq7W8oZmieiEA

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