South Indian Biriyanis by ‘Home Based Chef’ – ‘Ziraz Bingpot’, Khobar

I was recently invited to review a home based chef going by the Instagram handle @ziraz_bingpot. Running two unique Biriyanis on their menu, the ‘Kerala Chicken Dum Biriyani’ and ‘Chennai Special Mutton Biriyani’ are both famous South Indian Biriyanis, unique and with a completely different set of ingredients. Biriyanis can vary from district to district and no two Biriyanis are the same and I have had the good fortune of binging on both on previous occassions. 


‘Kerala Chicken Dum Biriyani’

The ‘Kerala Chicken Dum Biriyani’ was my favourite of the lot. This version is closely related to the Malabar Chicken Biriyani that we find in my hometown of Kozhikode but with much lesser masala. It could do with a bit more salt but otherwise this Biriyani is a winner. The flavour reminds me of home and I see myself getting some every now and then. For SR. 12, it is also value for money and quantity served. 

‘Chennai Special Mutton Biriyani’

The ‘Chennai Special Mutton Biriyani’ is a simple no nonsense, no masala required kind of Biriyani. You are only going to come across bits of Tomato in this biriyani and chunks of meat. The long grain rice soaks up a lot of that flavour and this is meant to be used with meat. For SR. 15, this too is worth the money. I would have liked a few more pieces and a bit more salt but that’s more of a personal preference.

Place your orders with @ziraz_bingpot at least 2 days before the weekend and make sure to try the ‘Kerala Chicken Dum Biriyani’ first!

P.S – The fried chicken is extra but every order comes with Raita, Pappadam and Pickle. 

You can also contact them on 050-885-6470.

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