Home Made Snacks & Treats by ‘Saji’s Bakery’ – Dammam

The first time I got to taste @sajis_bakery and her treats was when I won a giveaway that @elmaaug and other bloggers organised a few months ago.

I remember finishing off the snacks in record time and since then, it has stayed in the back of my mind. It wasn’t until @shareeka23 wanted some of Saji’s snacks that I decided to place an order.

We ordered,

• Chicken Tarts – 6pcs
• Breaded Fish Rolls (fried) – 6pcs
• Fish Cutlets (fried) – 6pcs
• Beef Samosas (unfried) – 6pcs

‘All Spicy’ (Just how I like it)

Total : SR. 57 (She was kind enough to give me a discount which brought the total to SR. 50)

Everything is fried and ready just before you pick up your order and you also have the option to order them ‘uncooked. She will freeze these for you so you can fry them at your own convenience.

I absolutely loved the ‘Breaded Fish Rolls’ and ‘Fish Cutlets’. They are packed with the right amount of fish and spices but not as spicy as I would like but this does not take away the gorgeous flavours. I have been promised an even spicier batch on my next order. I would recommend these to anyone who loves fish just like I do. We are yet to fry the samosas since these were frozen. (As requested)

The ‘Chicken Tarts’ were also quite nice but the thicker base made it feel like there was very little filling, though this was not the case. This is a great tart and could do well as a ‘Take to Work’ snack.

Thank you so much @sajis_bakery for the amazing savoury snacks.

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