‘Malabar Catering Service’ Biriyanis & More – Khobar

It has been raining Biriyanis over the last few weekends and today, we collected our order from ‘Malabar Catering Services’. This wasn’t our first arrangement with them, having placed an order during Onam. They are one of the latest entrants in the ‘Home Based Businesses’ that have sprung up in the Eastern Province over the last few months. 

We placed an order for,

  1. Thalassery Chicken Biriyani’ – SR. 14
  2. Fish Biriyani – SR. 20
  3. Thalassery Erachi Chor – SR. 16

The ‘Thalassery Chicken Biriyani’ was quite tasty with the chicken being the highlight, with just the right amount of spice and masala. The rice lacked flavour but if you make sure to mix the chicken in well, you get to enjoy wha this wonderful biriyani has to offer. For SR. 14, it is great value especially when you get quite a few pieces of chicken (3 to be precise). 

‘Fish Biriyani’

Moving on and coming to my favourite biriyani of the lot, the ‘Fish Biriyani’ with its mouthwatering pieces of thinly sliced ‘King Fish’, the rice was both fragrant and the subtle of spices reminds me of the Biriyanis we get in the north of Kerala. This is worth the SR. 20 you pay for it and it comes with 3 slices of fish.

‘Thalassery Erachi Chor’

Sadly the ‘Thalassery Erachi Chor’ was not palatable at all. The rice was undercooked and lacked any real flavour and the meat too felt dry. I have had Erachi chor on previous occasions and it is supposed to merge seamlessly and bound to be a little greasy. I was later informed by Malabar Catering that the rice had not met their expectations either and they were quick to apologise for the mistake. 

Overall, the Biriyanis were satisfactory with the ‘Fish Biriyani’ being the winner. All of them come with adequate pieces and portion of rice, pappadam, a special watermelon salad, raita and pickle. 

They have a lot more to offer so make sure to check out their feed for the menu. You can get in touch with them on Instagram @malabar_catering_service

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