Savouries, Sauces, Desserts & More by ‘Bakeology by Shifa Kazi’ – Khobar

Being part of the Giveaway was one of the best things that happened to me this year and it’s thanks to the giveaway that I came across ‘Bakeology by Shifa Kazi’.

I won some delicious ‘Home Made Sauces’ then and since then I have had her on my list of ‘Home Made Chefs’ in the Eastern Province.

In my quest for the perfect ‘Chilli Oil’ that I once enjoyed many years ago,  I had put up a story looking for leads when @bakeology_by_shifakazi responded. I had a lot of responses that day and I even visited ‘Oriental Supermarket’ to find it. I would like to thank my followers for responding and recommending the places that they did. 

@bakeology_by_shifakazi blew my mind with her version of the ‘Chilli Oil’ which was the closest I’ve had to the real one and I can honestly say I got emotional 😍.

This adds so much flavour to rice and noodles dishes and works well with roast meats of all kind when paired with plain rice or noodles.

For SR. 40, this is an absolute bargain since you will not find this anywhere else. Now I know where to place my order when my stock runs out. 

Thank you @bakeology_by_shifakazi and support small businesses like Shifa.

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