Burgers from ‘The Peak’ Food Truck – Olaya, Khobar

With Winter only a few weeks away, the ‘Food Truck Zone’ in Olaya, Khobar is gearing up for another peak eating season and with Covid19 still amongst us, it might not be as packed as last year.

Sareeka and I decided to try out @thepeaktrailer for Dinner. This was the only food truck with a long queue and it took close to 20-25 minutes to get our order.

We ordered ‘Peak Burger Double’ (SR. 28) and Sareeka being a strict chickentarian ordered the ‘Peak Chicken’ (SR. 19). 

The ‘Peak Double Burger’ was smokey but delicious and i loved the slightly charred portions of the burger which only elevated the flavour of the meat. The cheese too worked wonder for this burger but this might not be to everyone’s taste because of the charring. 

There was nothing exceptional about the ‘Chicken Burger’ but the bun felt a little dry. The wifey didn’t like the charred portion though but that’s more of a personal preference. 

The ‘Peak Fries’ (SR. 8) and they were delish. It had some sort of a spice mix like the spicy fries you get at KFC but only better. 

Good Work with the Burgers @thepeaktrailer.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/Bzetu7rm5TKzfmnv5

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