Pakistani Food since 1985 at ‘Marhaba Restaurant’ – Khobar / Jeddah / Riyadh

I can’t quite remember when I first visited ‘Marhaba Restaurant’ (@marhabasa) in Khobar. But upon my return to the kingdom in 2009, I have dined at the restaurant frequently thanks to the numerous company parties my department has hosted here. They have always maintained a certain standard when it comes to their food and I was more than willing to review the restaurant after they invited me over to try their weekend ‘Lunch Buffet’. 

Going for SR. 55 per head, the ‘Lunch Buffet’ is currently only available during the weekends and even though drinks aren’t included, it’s worth every penny and more. Running from 1pm to 4pm, they had everything from Samosas to Salads, my favourite ‘Batter Fried Fish’ to the ‘Tikkas’, Biriyanis, Curries and more. And to sweeten the deal, they serve their famous ‘Kheer’ & Carrot Halwa. 

Marhaba Restaurant’ is a Pakistani restaurant that has been operating since 1985 with restaurants in Jeddah, Riyadh & Khobar. The interiors are still in good shape but as some of my followers pointed out, it could do with a lift to freshen things up. They also have a tent where you can organise get togethers and plan the menu in advance. The staff are extremely friendly and they went the extra mile to make sure we had everything we needed. 

I would recommend the following dishes and these include some of my personal favourites. 

  1. Fried Fish
  2. Chicken Handi
  3. Mutton Karahi
  4. Garlic Chicken
  5. Chicken Biriyani
  6. Tikkas and Kebabs – They are prepared fresh and served at your table while you enjoy your meal.

They are available on @entertainersa but you won’t be able to use it for the ‘Lunch Buffet’. 

‘Lunch Buffet’ at Marhaba Restaurant – Khobar

If you plan on visiting anytime soon, do share your experience with me.

You can contact the restaurant on


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