Spicier than average Spicy Broasted at ‘Broast Al Tazaj’, Dammam

As much as it saddens me to say this, I think I have finally experienced a better broasted than Kufa. Yes, I said it and @broasttazaj has gotten it right on most fronts.

It was thanks to @joys10dz that I got to try this lovely broasted a few weeks ago and all credit got to him for this find.

The ‘Spicy Broasted’ is a bit more spicier than what you get at ‘Kufa’ and has slightly more flavour. It comes with a side of fries and Garlic paste and you can also opt for the ’Spicy Garlic Paste’ if spicy is your thing. 

The only drawback is the size of the chicken served but I tend to ignore that when the broasted is delicious. 

For SR. 16, @broasttazaj has gotten the price right too. If you plan on visiting, do let me know. 
Other items on their menu include ‘Chicken Royal Meal Spicy’, ‘Royal Fish Spicy’, ‘Chicken Cheese Nugget’ and ‘Chicken Nugget Meal’.

Remember, the chicken is SPICY!

Watch the video on Food with Shayne’s YouTube Channel.

Menu: http://www.rukunaltazaj.com/flyer/rukun_al_tazaj-menu–.pdf

Location: Broast Al Tazaj
5115 الملك سعود المزروعية الدمام 32414 6539, Saudi Arabia
+966 59 027 9695

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