Kizhi Porotta at ‘Hot Puttu’ Kerala Restaurant – Thoqbah, Khobar

Kerala’s go-to comfort food or the meal of choice for most bloggers operating out of the state is ‘Porotta and Beef’ and born out of that obsession is the ‘Kizhi Porotta’. I have only come across this on Instagram and it sounds exciting. Beef Masala and Porotta is layered and wrapped in Banana Leaf and either fried or steamed for added flavour and texture. It was thanks to my fellow foodie and good friend @nickyphil that I came across ‘Hot Puttu’ near Jazira clinic in Khobar.

Located right next to Jazira clinic and behind Welcome restaurant is ‘Hot Puttu’ which opens for breakfast at 6.30am and closes for the day at 11.30pm. Run by Malayalees from Ernakulam, they serve up some of my favourite stereotypical Kerala meals ranging from Puttu, Puri and Dosa for breakfast, Ghee Rice, Biriyani and Beef for Lunch and ‘Kizhi Porotta’ with Beef and ‘Kappa Beef Biriyani’ from 6pm onwards. 

‘Beef Kottu Masala’

This idea of bringing together two of Kerala’s quintessential food is brilliant and the magic is in the taste. Spicy Beef Masala is layered between 3 soft flaky porotta and wrapped first in Banana leaf and then in Aluminium foil. What really stands out is how it’s prepared. Instead of frying this on a hot Jawa, it is steamed until both the porotta and beef merge to create this wonderful dish. For SR. 14 a pop, you are barely making a dent in your savings. 

The ‘Beef Kottu’ is a masala gravy with bits of beef and bones. The bones soak up all that delicious gravy so don’t be afraid to get in there and suck those juices out. This would be best had with ‘Ghee Rice’ and for SR. 8 a nice accompaniment. 

The ‘Kizhi Porotta’ in its packed form.

The restaurant isn’t family-friendly and can only seat 3 groups at a time but you can still take away if you find the interiors unappealing. To make sure you get your ‘Kizhi Porotta’, make sure to give them a call in advance to reserve it. 

P.S – They serve great tea, not the condensed milk ones they serve at most places. (@nickyphil)

Mobile: 055-193-5740 & 054-953-7088

Location: 26°16’55.8″N 50°11’47.2″E

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