Pocket Friendly Pakistani Food at ‘Modon Alam Restaurant’ – Truck Hotel, Dammam

The best of food is sometimes found in places least expected and the ‘Modon Alam Restaurant’ locally called the ‘Truck Hotel’ is one of those joints. Located in Khalidiyyah Al Shamaliyah surrounded by warehouses and truck traffic is this gem of a restaurant. I am surprised that I never got to know about this restaurant , which is only a kilometre from where I work. All credit to my colleague ‘Ali Liaqt’ for this find and treat. 

It can get crowded during lunch hours and I was told it’s even worse at nights. We had to wait for a few minutes before we got a place to sit and I let Ali take the lead with the order since it was his umpteenth visit. He first asked for a dish called ‘Namkheen’ but since it wasn’t on the menu for the day, we ordered the ‘Haleem’ instead. We also ordered the ‘Chapli Kebab’ and ‘Bhuna Gosht’ and the bread is served till you drop.

The ‘Chapli Kebab’ is lip-smacking good with the seasoned meat fried till its slightly crispy on the exterior and soft and decadent on the inside. The kebab is mixed with a variety of mashed veggies to give it that distinct flavour and I enjoyed this more than the ones you get at ‘Peshawari Kebab House’. It comes with a side of ‘Anardhana Chutney’ that really gives the kebab a bit of a zing. 

My next favourite dish was the ‘Bhuna Gosht’ which is cooked with mutton and a whole host of spices which adds to the richness of the gravy. There is quite a bit of onion in this dish and that caramelises the gravy adding a lot more flavour. This dish could have done with a bit more heat but that is more of a personal preference. The meat was so tender and there is absolutely ‘no bone’ which makes me wonder how they manage to make It so affordable. When it comes to food, this restaurant does not compromise. 


My least favourite of the lot was the ‘Haleem’. I have had haleem before and this was nothing close to what I had previously. There was no texture to the gravy, and it felt more like a thick vegetable soup that had been mashed up to a puree. My colleague felt the same and the only reason he had ordered this was because I insisted on having it. 

‘The Menu’

To end the meal, we had some very good evaporated milk ‘Chai’. The bill came to a grand total of SR. 51 which is measly compared to what most restaurants charge for this kind of quantity and quality. If you are in this part of town, do try out ‘Truck Hotel’.

Update: They have introduced a family section but you will have to request for it at the counter.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/ukG8j6BMYhv53ah49

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