A Mexican Joint in Qatif – ‘Tacoville’

My experience with Mexican cuisine is limited to hours spent watching ‘Food Network’, YouTube & Street Food series on Netflix. I haven’t had authentic Mexican food till date and the only Tacos, Quesadillas & Burritos I’ve ever consumed have been from fast food chains.

I had been wanting to try a Mexican joint in Qatif but when Syed told me about a new Taco joint in Qatif called ‘Tacoville’(@tacoville.sa), I decided to give it a try. To make the deal even sweeter, they are on @entertainersa. 

This small hole in the wall restaurant has seating for 3 families with further seating available outdoors when it gets cooler. They open at 1.30 and we got there just in time to witness fresh vegetables and meats being delivered by local vendors. 

The menu is only available in Arabic and you can find it on their Instagram page so it can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t speak the language. Thanks to a little guidance from the counter staff, we were able to place our order and redeem the @entertainersa vouchers for @tacoville.sa.

We ordered,

1. Chicken Quesadilla – Free with ‘Entertainer’

2. Beef Quesadilla – SR. 23

3. Burrito Chicken Bowl – Free with ‘Entertainer’

4. Burrito Beef Bowl – SR. 28

5. 3 Taco Offer – SR. 28

     Taco Beef

     Crispy Ranch Shrimp Taco

     Crispy Dynamite Chicken Taco

Everything is made to fresh to order and the quality shows. The ‘ Chicken & Beef Quesadillas’ were flavourful with adequate portions and the charring on both the chicken and beef were exceptional and did not overpower the taste of the meats. The cheese and peppers are in perfect sync with the tortilla and I would recommend ordering both.

The Tacos are all soft shell and with the offer, you get to choose 3 different tacos for SR. 28. The Shrimp Taco was mouth-watering and had a satisfying crunch to it though it’s hard to taste the shrimp. The Chicken taco is crunchy and comes with my sauce of choice, ‘The Dynamite’. It could have done better with a bit more sauce though but that’s just my preference. The Beef taco was the best of the lot with the minced beef packing a ton of flavour. 

The Burrito Bowls may look small but looks can be deceiving. The cooked rice, beans, salsa, peppers, sour cream and meats pack a punch and can fill you up in no time. The chicken was cooked to perfection with my wife the ‘Chickentarian’ absolutely enjoying the bowl. The beef too was tasty and we ended up asking for more salsa to finish the bowl. They also gave us a side of complimentary guacamole that had been freshly prepared and the taste speaks for itself. 

Syed Zafar aka @foodingmyselfaround

Thank you for the wonderful experience @tacoville.sa and I would greatly appreciate it if you could print your menu in English too.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/Qk4eJnCByvwfz2Rg8

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