Kerala Restaurant in Thoqbah – ‘Welcome Family Restaurant’

With barely a few good ‘Family Friendly’ Kerala restaurant in Thoqbah, the opening of ‘Welcome Family Restaurant’ is quite welcome and necessary. Serving everything from the usual Porotta and beef to their special ‘Kappa Biriyani, we enjoyed our dine-in experience at this very new restaurant.

The star of the show, ‘Mutton Pepper Masala’

There is not much of an ambience but the restaurant offers spacious seating for families upstairs and a party hall for those who would like to organise parties. They were slow to take our order but the food barely took 10 minutes to reach our table.

We ordered,

1. Porotta – 9 pcs – SR. 8
2. Beef Masala – SR. 15
3. Mutton Pepper Masala – SR. 16
4. Chilli Chicken – SR. 14
5. Beef Fry – SR. 15

‘Kerala Porotta’

The Porotta is made on order and that makes a world of difference both in terms of taste and texture. Soft fluffy flakes of goodness and paired with the curries, I could have had at least 5.

‘Beef Masala’

The ‘Beef Masala’ had a lot of flavour and the meat was cooked till tender. The gravy is quite thick and this is best when you have good Porotta to soak the gravy. The quantity is enough to serve 1 person and for the price, it’s great value.

‘Mutton Pepper Masala’

The best curry of the lot had to be the ‘Mutton Pepper Masala’. The pepper in the gravy gave it much needed seasoning and taste that it was wiped clean in a matter of minutes. The meat too was succulent and marinated well with the taste of the curry.

‘Chilli Chicken’

The ‘Chilli Chicken’ was quite nice too and the meat soft and moist. With such great curries to compete with, this didn’t quite make it. Still a great dish and my wife enjoyed it.

‘Beef Fry’

The ‘Beef Fry’ was a bit of a disappointment and the only thing you could really taste was the pepper. The meat was still soft but you couldn’t really taste the meat. Maybe this was just a one off considering how the other dishes were but I wouldn’t recommend you order this.

Great experience overall and for SR. 86, this was truly a bargain.


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