Enjoying some Local Breakfast at ‘مطعم عمدة البلد’ – Al Bahah, Asir Region

We had intended on enjoying our breakfast at ‘Khalofah Foul’ while in Al-Bahah but with long queues outside the restaurant, we decided it wasn’t the best time to dine in. Instead we decided to try a restaurant next door called مطعم عمدة البلد, which had a few customers and since we were very hungry, we headed straight in and ordered a few of the favourites.

Creamy and Filling, ‘Fried Ful’
  • Fried Ful
  • Lentils
  • Meat Shorba
  • Shakshuka
  • Masob 

I won’t waste time commenting on the dishes individually, but they were all absolutely appetising. I have found a new favourite in ‘Fried Ful’ and the ‘Lentils’ really packed a lot of flavour. 

The  ‘Dakoos’ sauce packed some heat and makes for a great accompaniment with the fried full when scooped up with their freshly baked bread. 


The ‘Shakshuka’ looked more like scrambled eggs but when it came to taste, this was truly a class apart from the usual shakshuka with the flavours a bit more prominent. 

‘Meat Shorba’

The ‘Meat Shorba’ is something I have never come across and it was quite hearty. There were some hints of meat but lacked in terms of flavour. Adding a bit of lime can help but not by much. Is there any restaurant in Khobar / Dammam that serves this?

The ‘Masob’ wasn’t the best and the cream overpowered the flavour quite a bit. I enjoy this dish without the cream though if made well, it is still quite enjoyable. 

If you happen to be in Al-Bahah, then this would be a great place to enjoy a hearty breakfast. The staff are quite friendly too!

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/4qEMm71Ghxsc5EFd6

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