Eating Turkish Food in Abha – ‘Tolie Restaurant’

Scouting for places to eat in Abha was both time consuming and tiring, but we finally settled in on @tolie_restorant, a Turkish restaurant in the heart of the city. Offering splendid views of the city from the rooftop seating area, this is a great place to hangout if the cold weather of Abha is something you enjoy. 

After having spent the whole day driving in from Dammam, we were starved and went straight for the main course. The staff can be a little slow and we made sure we repeated our order twice to prevent any mishaps. 

  • Lamb Chops – SR. 78
  • Chicken Tawouk – SR. 49
  • Iskandar Kebab – SR. 54
  • Lamb Shank with Rice – SR. 58

It’s important to note that the food can get cold real fast so don’t waste too much time taking pictures. 

The ‘Lamb Chops’ happened to be the costliest item on the menu and for that price I was hoping for a few more pieces but this was one delicious plate of succulent lamb chops. This was seasoned perfectly and the spices were on point giving the meat much needed flavour. 

There was nothing unique about the ‘Chicken Tawouk’ and I would have much preferred another plate of the lamb shank. Not that it tasted bad, but for that price, there could have been a lot more pieces. Seasoned well and grilled just right, this would do well if meat is not your calling. 

The ‘Iskandar Kebab’ is something I last experienced on a short layover in Istanbul and though this was different, it also happened to be quite delicious. The meat could have been a bit more thinly sliced but with the tomato sauce soaked bread and yogurt served on the side, the combination was delectable. The meat has flavour with the slight sourness of the yogurt cutting out the strong taste of tomato. I would recommend this to anyone who hasn’t tried this before. 

‘Lamb Shank with Rice’ was great value for money at SR. 58. We were served a big portion of lamb and rice with hints of minced meat and complimenting spices. The rice has subtle flavour and accompanied with the meat you are looking at one delicious experience. It also comes with a side of lamb jus that you top up to prevent the meat from drying up. 

This was a wonderful experience and for the price, this is totally worth it. The open rooftop seating adds to the charm of the venue and if you happen to be in Abha, don’t hesitate to give them a try!



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