Distinct Burgers from ‘Buntone Burgers’ – Jeddah

When in Jeddah I try to make it a point to catch up with fellow foodie and friend Ahmed Darwish of @thefoodies.sa and he recommended we meet up at @buntoneburgers for lunch. After spending a few hours walking around the old historical Al-Balad area, we were absolutely starved and ready to eat.

This isn’t your normal everyday burger joint and each of the coloured buns used represents a distinct flavour and that’s not all. Apart from Wagyu Beef and Chicken, they also serve Deer & Duck meat which is what makes this unique restaurant stand out from the rest. I was joined by @shareeka23, @joys10dz and @elmaaug of @theovenaffairs and lil Emira.

‘Basil Chicken Burgers’

There was no doubt in my mind as to what I was going to order and Ahmed and I went for the same unique combination of Deer & Blueberry.

  • Blueberry Deer Burger – SR. 68 (Single)
  • Chilli Chicken Burger – SR. 35
  • Pepper Beef Burger – SR. 38
  • Chilli Wagyu Burger – SR. 48
  • Basil Chicken Burger – SR. 35
  • Sweet Potato Fries – SR. 16

The Deer meat patty was mouth watering and tender with absolutely no hint of gaminess, and the blueberry bun had a subtle sweetness to it that complimented the meat perfectly. I wish I had gone for the double patty but with the pricey nearing the 100 SR mark, I decided the single would do. The price is justified especially since Deer meat isn’t readily available in the kingdom. 

The heat from the chilli bun was quite surprising and not mild as some would expect, but my god it had a lot of flavour and the crispy chicken patty too packed a bit of heat making for an astonishing combination. 

The Beef patty packed Pepper bun isn’t too prominent in terms of flavour but has a great aftertaste especially the patty. I will let @elmaaug add her comments here since this was her order.

The chilli bun is also a great combination when paired with wagyu but I would still go with the crispy chicken patty. The ‘Chilli Wagyu Burger’ was @joys10dz order and I’m looking forward to his experience with this burger. 

‘Sweet Potato Fries’

They had run out of potatoes that day so we didn’t get to enjoy their signature fries, instead opted for the ‘Sweet Potato Fries’ which were absolutely delicious and crunchy. 


Always ‘Coca Cola’

The patties on all the burgers were on point and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they start expanding in the kingdom. Thank you so much for treating us out Ahmed and I can’t wait to show you around when you visit the Eastern Province in the future.

Location: https://g.page/Buntone?share

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