Everything Chicken at ‘HEN’ – Khobar

Calling all ‘CHICKEN’ obsessed foodies in the Khobar / Dammam area, say Hello to @hen.ksa. It is hard to miss this restaurant when you are on Pepsi road thanks to the loud yellow signage. I have been getting quite a few messages to try this place out so that’s exactly what I did. I have already posted a video of my experience dining here and this post just adds a bit more detail.

We ordered the following items off the menu,

  • Hen ‘Ranch’ Burger – SR. 30
  • Hen ‘Maple’ Burger – SR. 33
  • Hen ‘Caramelised Bites’ – SR. 23
  • Fries – SR. 9

I was told the ‘Hen Maple Burger’ was the one to go for but the wifey @shareeka23 decided she was going to try the ‘Hen Ranch Burger’. The patty was perfectly crispy and moist on the inside but the ranch sauce wasn’t evenly spread out with the middle missing out on the sauce. The bun was a little soggy but that didn’t matter since the burger was delicious. I managed to steak in a bite and even though it tasted great, mine was still better.

The ‘Hen Maple Burger’ is the burger to go for at @hen.ksa and my god did they get this one right. The patty is the same as the ‘Ranch’ but with a sweet, creamy and spicy sauce coating the whole patty, it was a lot more juicier and mouth watering. I enjoyed ever bite of this beautiful burger and don’t be afraid to get messy with all that sauce dripping out of the burger. 

The Hen ‘Caramelised’ bites are tenders coated in a sweet Thai chilli sauce that I didn’t really quite like since there was way too much sauce and you couldn’t really taste the chicken. The bite would have tasted better if the chicken packed a bit more heat but this is just my opinion.

Nothing special about the fries here. Maybe I’ll try their special fries next time!

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/VZ9XDEG7PbBjgdgKA

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