Comfort Food at ‘IKEA Saudi Arabia’ – ‘Swedish Meatball’ Recipe Included

Meatballs with chips, smothered in Gravy and served with Cranberry Jam.
‘Swedish Meatballs’

There was a time when I frequented @ikeasaudiarabia just to dine in at their restaurant and order my favourite ‘Swedish Meatballs’ with Mashed potatoes and gravy for SR. 10 but that was until the quality of the meatballs dropped and I stopped going to the restaurant all together. The meatballs being a disappointment opened the doors for me to try the rest of the menu and I must say, they do a pretty good job.

‘BBQ Beef Ribs with Mashed Potatoes & Steamed Broccoli’

Where are you going to ‘BBQ Beef Ribs with Mashed Potatoes & Steamed Broccoli’ for SR. 49? It is not just about the price here. The ribs are cooked till tender and with a little pressure from your fork, you can easily tear the meat apart. It is that good and in terms of flavour, it can easily stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the best restaurant that serves Ribs here. In terms of price, no other restaurant comes close to serving ribs at SR. 49!

‘Char-Grilled BBQ Chicken’

The ‘Char-Grilled BBQ Chicken’ (SR. 39) and topped with BBQ Sauce and Crispy Onions and served with a side of mashed potatoes is mouth-watering. Though the ribs was my personal favourite, the chicken was good well, moist and tasted great when combined with the mash, bbq sauce and fried onions. @shareeka23 absolutely enjoyed her meal.

Great work with the menu @ikeasaudiarabia but you really need to work on your meatballs!

IKEA recently posted the recipe on how to prepare the meatballs at home. It’s safe to say they did everyone a huge favour.


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