Multicuisine Kerala Restaurant ‘Jarjeer Restaurant’ – Khobar

Located in the Bayouniah area of Al Khobar, The newly opened ‘Jarjeer Restaurant’ @jarjeerrestaurants is an extension of ‘Salkara Restaurant’ located right next door. Tabled to open in January 2020, the pandemic delayed the opening by a whole year until last month, when they finally opened their doors to the public.

The interiors are quite different from Salkara restaurant and an attempt has been made for it to stand out. We were greeted by Alvin at the door who also served us through out our time there. 

We ordered quite a few items,

  1. ‘Mutton Dum Biriyani’ – SR. 19
  2. ‘Chicken Fried Rice’ – SR. 18
  3. ‘Beef Dry Fry’ – SR. 16
  4. ‘Malai Tikka’ – SR. 24
  5. ‘Chiku Shake’ – SR. 17

The food didn’t take long and we jumped right in since we were starving. The ‘Mutton Dum Biriyani’ was quite decent but the lack of salt was quite evident. You knew it had flavour but seasoning a dish right makes a world of difference. The meat was tender and had just the right amount of masala. 

‘Chicken Fried Rice’

The ‘Chicken Fried Rice’ too lacked a bit of salt and  the subdued flavours had to be enhanced with a bit of chilli vinegar and soy sauce. It could do with a bit more zing. It didn’t have too many pieces of chicken though so I wouldn’t recommend this dish.

‘Beef Dry Fry’

The ‘Beef Dry Fry’ wasn’t to my taste. It was really quite dry and the coating that they used didn’t really help with the savour. It was tough to and nothing compared to the delicious Beef Dry Fry’s I have enjoyed in the past. 

The ‘Malai Tikka’ made up for the disappointment of the Beef. It was mouth-watering and moist and the mint chutney is a great add-on. I would have liked a few more pieces for the price they were charging but im ready to ignore that. 

‘Chiku Shake’ with a dollop of ice-cream was mind-blowingly decadent and something I didn’t expect to find here. The fruit is quite seasonal and I’m surprised they had it in stock. It is expensive at SR. 17 but I’m glad I got a taste of home when I sipped on it. 

P.S. – There was no running water in the wash room and the food lift is quite noisy. It was quite annoying to hear it creak every few minutes.



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