Dubai Born ‘Operation Falafel’ – Mall of Dhahran, KSA

I remember coming across a ton of posts with reviews about @operationfalafelshrq in early 2018 when they first launched in KSA but I never found the time to visit.

Walking around @mall_of_dhahran and looking for a place to eat, I decided to give them a try since @shareeka23 was quite hungry and starting to complain.

A quick glance at the menu and we were ready to order.

1. Operation Falafel ‘Special Chicken’ Shawarma – SR. 19

2. Operation Falafel ‘Special Veggie’ Falafel – SR. 13

3. Spicy Potato – SR. 20

The food didn’t take long with the ‘Spicy Potato’ and ‘Chicken Shawarma’ coming first and the ‘Falafel’ a few minutes later. I have to say, first impressions were disappointing.

The ‘Special Chicken Shawarma’ looked like the bread had been mutilated with the filling spilling out. Though it was a decent tasting shawarma, it was too much of a mess and not worth the price.

The ’Special Veggie Falafel’ was quite nice especially the eggplant, falafel, tahini but I would have really appreciated if they had just used lemon zest instead of adding bits of lemon peel. Zest OK but Peel? A Big NO.

The ‘Spicy Potato’ was my favourite of the lot and I loved how crispy the potatoes were. Marinated and baked with chili powder, coriander and sumac the only thing missing from the order was the freshly baked bread. I take responsibility for not noticing it and reading the menu only after getting back home.

I’m quite sure there are other better items on the menu here and I might give them a try if YOU, my followers can give me a good recommendation on what to order.


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