Wild About Wings at ‘Buffalo Wild Wings’ – Ajdan Walk, Al Khobar

It had been a year since I last visited @ajdanwalk and the idea was to visit PF Changs but with wait times exceeding 15 minutes, we decided to skip and visit ‘Buffalo Wild Wings’ instead. I had promised the wifey I would treat her to some ‘Dynamite Shrimps’ but it was easy to convince her to try ‘Buffalo Wild Wings’ since anything associated with chicken brings her joy.

Thanks to the unabated heat, we decided to order Mojito’s to cool off and tried,
‘Kiwi Ginger Mojito’ – SR. 23
‘Raspberry Mojito’ – SR. 23

You can’t really taste the Kiwi, Ginger or the Raspberry as much as the mint which really takes over the flavours but this is still a refreshing drink. The downside was the paper cups that the Mojito’s were served in which softened up pretty quickly.

We decided to go all out and order a few items off the Appetiser menu and a large wings platter from the main course.
‘Mozzarella Sticks’ – SR. 29
‘Grilled Buffalo Shrimp’ – SR. 53
‘Traditional Wings’ (Large / 20 pcs with 1-4 flavours) – SR. 99

I enjoyed the deep fried and cheesy ‘Mozzarella Sticks’ that came with marinara sauce. The hint of sourness and the oregano in the marinara really compliments the cheese.

The ‘Grilled Buffalo Shrimp’ was a bit too expensive for the qty that comes served. Though the shrimps were grilled perfectly, the sauce isn’t very flattering. This is the second I’ve ordered this and I wouldn’t recommend it either!

The ‘Traditional Wings’ had to be the highlight of our dining experience here. We went for the large 20pcs platter and decided to get one half with the ‘Mango Habanero’ sauce and the other half with the ‘Asian Zing’ sauce. You are given a platter and a pair of gloves and it gets messy, but by god the wings were DELICIOUS. The crispy fried wings were made even better by the spicy and sweet ‘Mango Habanero’ and the slightly milder and my new favourite, ‘Asian Zing’.

These sauces are quite sweet but the wings wouldn’t have tasted this good without it, which is why we ended up buying a bottle of ‘Asian Zing’ sauce for SR. 30 before we left. This is a great place to feast on wings and it would be best if you stuck with either the ‘Traditional Wings’ or the ‘Boneless Wings’.

P.S – ‘Boneless Wings’ are 50% off on Mondays & the ‘Traditional Wings’ are 50% off on Wednesdays. Please confirm these offers before visiting.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/cyXfszTeTYUCkusJ6

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