Reviewing ‘The Great Wall’ Chinese Restaurant – Khobar / Jubail / Rastanura

The ‘Great Wall’ is a Chinese restaurant with branches in Rastanura and Jubail and thanks to Hala from @sharqiatales, I was invited to review their new branch. 

The restaurant has gone all out with the interiors and it really stands out. It is spacious with a dining area upstairs to accommodate larger crowds. Hala had joined up so we decided to go ahead and order some of their well known dishes.

We went for,

  1. ‘Prawns Tempura’ – SR. 93
  2. ‘Shrimp Spring Rolls” – SR. 24
  3. ‘Dynamite Shrimps’ – SR. 72
  4. ‘Saudi Champagne’ – SR. 40
  5. ‘Kindo Chicken’ – SR. 43
  6. ‘Teppanyaki Fish’ – SR. 72
  7. ‘Teppanyaki Beef’ (Sizzling) – SR. 73
  8. ‘Mixed Fried Rice’ – SR. 30
  9. ‘Beef Fried Noodle’ – SR. 27

The ‘Prawns Tempura’ is pricey at SR. 93 but that can be easily forgiven once you see the portions. It comes with 7-8 large prawns fried to golden perfection and the best part about it is how light and airy the batter is. They have also added Onions and capsicum into the mix and I loved the flavour when combined with the shrimp. 

The ’Shrimp Spring Rolls’ tasted good but with fewer pieces of shrimps, you couldn’t really call it a shrimp spring roll. Complaints aside, this makes for a good snack.

‘The Dynamite Shrimp’ is nothing like what I’ve had before. The shrimps here are batter fried  and then coated with sauces which the batter absorbs, helping it retain and enhance the flavour. 

‘Kindo Chicken’ was not to my liking since it was a bit dry and the sauces did not compliment the fried chicken bits.  

The ‘Teppanyaki Fish’ had to be one of my top favourites for the day. The hamour had a good bite to it and had a ton of flavour with the sizzler adding a bit of charring that really compliments it. It is also very light on the stomach and I loved the crunchiness of the stir fried veggies. Don’t think twice if you plan on ordering this!

The ‘Teppanyaki Beef Sizzler’ too is a great dish to order though you won’t find any veggies on here. This delicious beefy dish serves 2 people and comes served on a bed of onions and if you wait long enough, the onions get caramalised along with the beef making it both aromatic and comforting. 

Now comes the part that I wouldn’t recommend ordering here. 

The ‘Mixed Fried Rice’ uses the American short grain which isn’t the best rice to use for a dish like this. There was barely any flavour and the firmness of the rice put me off. Please consider using Jasmine rice.

The ‘Beef Fried Noodle’ was unimpressive and slightly salty which took away the flavour from the other ingredients in the dish. 

Have you tried the ‘Great Wall’ restaurant yet?


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