Dining at ‘Bistro Lounge’ – Al Khobar

The last time I visited @bistrolounge I wasn’t allowed entry because they didn’t allow single’s but now I got FAMILY.

Armed with the @entertainersa app that allows for a ‘Buy 1 Get 1’ on the main course and 25% off the bill for the rest of the menu, we decided it was a good time to dine in.

First impressions aren’t promising. The space upstairs is closed off and whatever space is left isn’t sizeable either. There is an issue with the ventilation that should be resolved in a week and for that reason, some of the items like the Ribs and Steak is off menu.

We went ahead and ordered,

1. ‘Dynamite Chicken’ – SR. 54
2. ‘Cola Brisket’ – SR. 43
3. ‘Bistro Ouzi’ – SR. 60
4. ‘Scrumpy Chicken Pie’ – SR. 60
5. ‘True Italian’ – SR. 59
6. ‘Mama Rosa Risotto’ – SR. 59
7. ‘Parmesan’ – SR. 50

The ‘Dynamite Chicken’ is scrumptious with chunks of deep fried chicken covered in 3 different types of sauces that I had no clue about and crispy potato bits that made this appetizer quite enjoyable.

The ‘Cola Brisket’ is slow cooked and rendered in cola before being served with slaw on what was shaped like a bag but different. There isn’t much brisket on here and that makes it an expensive snack considering only 3 pcs are served.

The ‘Bistro Ouzi’ is quite a sight with the beef Ouzi baked in pastry and served with a beefy stock. The Ouzi on it’s own is not very palatable and that’s when I was told that it was meant to be eaten with the pastry. This really turns the dish around but I don’t think I would order this a second time. Also, the cinammon can be a little overpowering.

The ‘Scrumpy Chicken Pie’ was DELICIOUS. Though it isn’t much in terms of size, this crispy puff pastry with marinated chicken and a delicious creamy mushroom sauce was comforting and had a decent bite to it. The sauce really brings it together, softening the pastry and making it melt in the mouth.

The ‘True Italian’ cheesy pasta served with creamy pesto too is a great buy and that strong flavour of pesto is what makes this dish stand out. The flavour isn’t overpowering thanks to the cheese and this would be my second recommendation here.

The ‘Mama Rosa Risotto’ is grilled chicken and mushroom served on risotto rice with a heavy cream sauce they call ‘Mama Rosa’. This is quite filling on it’s own and I loved the subtle flavour of the risotto.

The ‘Parmesan’ is exciting to watch since it is prepped right at the table on a huge block of parmesan cheese. The spaghetti is dropped hot onto the parmesan block and is whirled around for a bit before being plated. This dish could have done better if it had a bit more salt and would have really highlighted the parmesan cheese.

I enjoyed my experience at the @bistrolounge and would like to thank the wonderful staff for keeping us entertained.

P.S. Thank you for the complimentary ‘Lotus Special’ dessert ❤️

Location: https://g.page/Bistrolounge?share

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