It was a post by @happy_sandscapes about a home based pastry business in Khobar making ‘Portuguese Egg Tarts’ that got me interested in placing an order with @ven.bakes. The tarts aren’t the only items on their list but that is what got me most interested.

I placed an order for 24 pcs with the intention of giving away some of them to my close friends. At SR. 30 for 12 pcs this is an absolute bargain but this isn’t the highlight.

Lovely packaging with instructions on how to store and reheat.

Delivery is available on certain dates but I opted for pickup.

The ‘Portuguese Egg Tarts’ are dainty and an absolute treat. I expected it to be eggy but these were quite the opposite, creamy but not heavy, and with just the right amount of sugar. I loved how delicate the pastry was but it didn’t fall apart either. 

This is definitely not the last time I’m placing an order with @ven.bakes and I have every intention of getting more tarts in the near future.

Thank you @happy_sandscapes for bringing this gem of a baker to my attention.

P.S – I did hand out some of them and thank includes my good friend @spicesntravel.

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